Classic Cuisine from Bangladesh

The Corbridge Tandoori restaurant has been a popular venue for fine dining since 1989. We welcome many visitors from all over the World throughout the year, and offer authentic Bangladeshi cuisine made with fresh and local ingredients, prepared to our own unique recipes bringing you the flavours and spices of the mystical Indian sub-continent.

We pride ourselves on giving a high quality of service to make your time with us pleasant and enjoyable.

Historic Corbridge

The town of Corbridge dates back to Saxon times and became the Roman town of Corstopitum, a supply town for the troops on Hadrian's Wall. Roman stones were used in the construction of many of the buildings you see today.

From the restaurant you can look across the Market Place and see the Saxon Church of St Andrew’s dating from 674, beside it is the Vicar’s Pele, a defensive tower built around 1518 which helped protect the Vicar and his livestock during the long years of raids and banditry by the Border Reivers.

The bridge over the river Tyne has been a prominent part of the landscape since the thirteenth century, the present bridge was built in 1674, the only one to withstand the foods of 1771.

The town layout is very much as you would have found it in mediaeval times and has many unique and interesting shops, boutiques, galleries and buildings of interest.

Nearby there are many places to enjoy including the Roman Museum, Hadrian’s Wall and the beautiful Northumbrian countryside.

The Corbridge Tandoori actively supports local charities by organising events to raise money for schools and other causes.

Enjoy your meal. At your service Ahmed